Terms & Conditions

1. Full payment is required to confirm booking via online booking system. 
Once your payment has cleared your booking will be confirmed and a legally binding contract is formed.
2. Balance of payment must be made 48 hours prior to your Epping Forest MTB outing unless agreed on booking to pay on day.
3.Cancellation 2 weeks or more prior to arrival date: Loss of 20% per person only.
4. Cancellation less than 2 weeks prior and up to 1 week prior: 50% will be deducted from your balance and the remaining sums will be refunded unless you can provide a valid Doctors certificate then you will only lose your deposit.
5. Cancellation less than 1 week prior will result in the loss of full payment unless you can provide a valid Doctors certificate then you will lose only 50% per person and the remaining funds will be refunded.
6. Epping Forest MTB will do our best to accommodate your trip if you require changing the date for any unforeseen circumstance.
7. If Epping Forest MTB is forced to cancel your trip you will receive a full refund including your deposit, except where they are forced to cancel due to third parties not being able to honour the terms and conditions and cancellation procedures.
8. Epping Forest MTB reserves the right to cancel a trip at anytime.
9. Mountain Bike riding on whatever terrain includes an element of risk. Every individual must be responsible for their own safety at all times. Accidents do happen from time to time and you are reminded of this risk. However, careful attention to the guide and riding techniques should mean an accident free trip so please be aware.
10. Epping Forest MTB will always have a qualified first aider riding with you at all times.
11. Anyone deliberately ignoring safety advice will be asked to leave the party for the safety of others.
12. No rider will be forced to take part in any activity on a bike or otherwise that they feel is unsafe or has an element of risk that they are not happy with. In these instances it will be the rider’s responsibility to inform the guide that they do not wish to take part at that point and the guide will make alternative provision for that rider where it is reasonably practicable.
13. If you are bringing your own bike it is essential that it is a fully serviced and an operational bike.
14. All customers must wear an approved safety helmet at all times when riding on our trips. There will be no exceptions to this rule. ‘No helmet, No ride’!!
15. The weather in the UK can be changeable at times. You must make provision for suitable clothing at all times.
16. Epping Forest MTB reserves the right to cancel the rest of a day’s riding for the whole group if your guide believes the weather makes it unsafe to ride OR if someone warrants the guide’s full attention in the event of an incident. In both cases no refunds will be available on sums already paid.


1. Epping Forest MTB has comprehensive Public Liability Insurance. Neither Epping Forest MTB or the venues we use will be liable for any personal injury or damage to your property at any time during your trip.
2. Epping Forest MTB offer small group trips that involve contact with people, some of whom you will probably not know at first. It is expected that everyone coming on one of our trips behaves with respect for others and at no time displays any rude or abusive behavior. If anyone displays any sort of behavior that is unsociable or in anyway dangerous we will reserve the right to ask them to leave in the interests of the comfort of others and there will be no refund of sums already paid.
3. Any emergency repairs carried out by our guides on your own bike whilst out riding with Epping Forest MTB will only be done on your behalf with your approval first. In no way whatsoever can any liability be accepted should any repair subsequently prove insufficient. Any parts replaced on your own bike will need to be funded for by yourself, including inner tubes.
4. If you are unable to continue your ride due to un-repairable mechanical failure and after the guide have used all resources available we will be unable to provide any form of refund.
5. Mountain Biking by its very nature is a sporting activity; it involves exercise that takes effort. This can be as gentle or extreme as you wish. Epping Forest MTB guides will not force anyone to participate at a level they clearly state they do not wish to.
6. Two or more days cycling will take its toll in some form; the fitter you are, the less tired you will become. It is expected that people applying to come on one of our rides consider both their own health and the enjoyment of others, by ensuring they also are at a “reasonable” level of fitness. (i.e. – not below average)
7. Please make alternate insurance arrangements if any of the above terms and conditions are not to your satisfaction.
8. Epping Forest MTB leaders are accredited by MIAS (Mountain Bike Instruction Award Scheme).

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