Smidge…That Midge

As part of my work I spend a fair amount of time standing and talking to clients in the forest, usually near some sort of standing water. This causes a bit of a problem: The predatory nature of airborne bitey things.

Being fair skinned I have discovered that I am usually considered more tasty than my clients, and means my legs and arms get attacked within seconds of stopping mid ride. Cue a search for something to help.

The most common of ingredients for insect repellent is DEET, which is actually quite nasty stuff and has a tendency to act like a solvent and can damage synthetic fabrics and plastics. Something you don’t really want to be using on your nice expensive riding gear then.

On a recent trip to Scotland I was wary of the fact that midges would swarm round and devour me like cartoon termites eat a timber house, thankfully I discovered Smidge that midge. Smidge is developed by the same people who bring you the Scottish midge forecast, so you would expect them to know how to deal with the airborne terror that is a cloud of midges or mozzies.

Smidge that midge has several things in its favor: It smells nice, its active ingredient is Saltidin so will not dissolve plastics…And most importantly it works, for me and my other willing volunteers at least.

Smidge has been an invaluble part of my pre-ride routine, and don’t I know about it when I forget to put it on.

Smidge Logo

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