Fox Launch Enduro Knee Pads

When out coaching and guiding I usually end up wearing knee pads for a large percentage of my day, my trusty old 661 Kyle Straits were looking rather thread bear and sorry for themselves. So, the time had come to start looking around for a replacement.

When assessing the pads available on the market I decided that the important factor is that I will be spending a large amount of time wearing them, and they needed to be comfortable for all day use. The plan is to wear them for everything from coaching to racing and everything inbetween, I’m hoping I have found the ideal candidate in the Fox Launch Enduro pads.

The phrase ‘fit and forget’ gets banded about in the cycling world when referring to bike components quite a lot, and in my opinion is not a great way to approach maintenance.  The Fox Launch Enduro pads however are ‘fit and forget’, I have worn the pads for several extended coaching sessions and rides that have totaled up to 8 hours of continuous wear and not had the discomfort associated with some other pads I have tried.

The silicone band at the top opening keeps any potential slippage under control, and the main structure of the pad is thin perforated neoprene so is reasonably breathable and has an articulated fit to ensure a good fit and prevent bunching when peddling. The ‘knee cup’ area is articulated to allow for a close and protective fit for even the knobbliest of knees, and constructed of an abrasion resistant fabric… How abrasion resistant? Well I’m hoping not to find out in a hurry.

Overall a great pad for those epic ‘enduro’ rides and some light downhill riding, I expect these to become very popular and be seen a lot at trail centres this summer.

An RRP of £45 is good for a comfortable set of pads that will get a lot of use.

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